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What makes West Lancs Haylage the right choice for your horse?

Over the last decade or so a huge number of farms have started to produce various shapes and sizes of 'big bale' haylage, and there's also quite a selection of small bale haylage producers too.


So, what makes West Lancs Haylage the better choice?

At West Lancs Haylage we strive to produce a product which is moist, dust free, palatable and safe forage for horses.


It is suitable for a wide range of horses, including riding and pony club horses, veterans and convalescing horses.


All of our Haylage crop is made from Italian and Perennial rye grasses grown as a short term ley, ensuring it is a good source of fibre, vitamins, proteins and minerals.

If you would like more information about our haylage, its nutritional and health benefits and how best to store it please click here

Big Bale Haylage

Our big bale haylage comes in huge 6-string square bales measuring 120cm x 90cm on the end and are 4ft long. 

Each bale weighs on average 1/3 of a ton

These larger bales are perfect for yards or stables with a number of horses.

£50 per bale 2nd cut + FREE DELIVERY!

£60 1st cut (from 2nd or 3rd year ley) + FREE DELIVERY!

£65 1st cut (from 1st year ley) + FREE DELIVERY!

Big bales are delivered minimum 4 at a time and within a radius of 10 miles from L39 0EW

If you need delivery further afield please call us

Our small bale haylage is sold in sealed bags approximately 55l in volume, which is usually about 20kg. This means they can be easily handled and stored outdoors if necessary. They are also easily transported; several bales will fit in an average car without making a mess (unlike hay!)

£7.00 per bale collected.


£8 per bale for a pallet of 40 (£320)



£9 per bale for a 1/2 pallet of 20 (£180)


Small Bale Haylage

To purchase our Haylage, call or visit your nearest stockist.

Check our stockists list to see if there is one near you!

Our stockists are often able to provide better prices than direct from us and you will be helping small local businesses too, a win-win for everyone!

However, if your local stockist doesn't stock our haylage, ask them to give us a call!

Click here buy our haylage online!


West Lancs Haylage is grown purely for the equine market. We grow our haylage in 2-3 year leys. In between leys is a period of 2-5 years of other arable crops which will include potatoes and cereals. This enables us to keep the soil well balanced and full of the right organic matter and minerals to produce the best and most consistent grass possible when it comes around in the rotation.


At West Lancs Haylage, our haylage crop is our top priority. We sow our new leys in August/September, and harvest our crop between June and September. We only cut the grass when it has reached the correct level of maturity.

We have no other crops that would interfere with this process and force us to cut too early or too late, which is often a problem for other farms particularly in difficult weather.


When baled at harvest time, our West Lancs Haylage bales are highly compressed and wrapped with the correct number of layers. We put as much weight in as possible to reduce the amount of air. This aids the fermentation process and reduces the chances of unwanted organisms appearing in the bale.The same goes for our small bales. These are baled at an average weight of 20kg, which for the same reasons as above helps to maintain the high quality, as well as providing excellent value for money and reducing plastic waste. 


Before West Lancs Haylage is re-baled into our small 20kg bags each and every big bale is thoroughly checked for quality by one of the trained members of our team, and if there's anything we are not happy with it, then it doesn't go into the blue bags.

All the bales are stored carefully on site and all bales, large or small, are checked for puncture damage, bird damage or anything untoward before leaving our yard.

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